PhD student at the California Institute of Technology.

Inspired by an early love for Star Trek, I have always been excited by space and now I study instrumentation for astronomy as a bridge between my backgrounds in science and engineering. I also have a passion for science communication and outreach

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My current research in astronomical instrumentation focuses on high contrast coronagraphy for the direct imaging of exoplanets.

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Coronagraphy 101

Coronagraphs were first developed in 1939 to image the solar corona. Now they are used to image circumstellar disks and exoplanets in distant galaxies.

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New Keck Institute for Space Studies Student Liason

Niyati was named a KISS Affiliate in 2021. Recently she was chosen as the official Student Liason and hosts the Keck Lectures. Check out the event series for upcoming public talks!

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STEM Youth Outreach

I enjoy volunteer mentoring, tutoring, and camp counseloring young kids to inspire them for future careers in STEM.

Astronomy Outreach

My favorite outreach efforts are public talks, panels and telescope stargazing with the general public through Caltech Astronomy.

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